i’m from tokyo,japan, born in 1959.
i began to take photographs on the street in 1997.
i was given year awards 5th place from “nippon camara”magazine in 2008.
and in 2016 i was given year awards 1st place from “asahi camera”photo magazine.

so i’ve been taking photographs on the street many years.
i wanted to be a professional photographer once, but i couldn’t be it.
now i’m definitely a photographer but not professional.
i work at a bicycle shop for a living.

from 2011 i began to use rolleiflex for shooting.
this camera is tender and polite for subject people.
i take a bow to them, then photograph them very softly or secretly.
people are smiling in my finder.
i observe people so softly as watching wildlife.
at harajuku,shibuya,ginza,i walk around the big city in tokyo looking for people filled with tiny little happiness.
while i take pictures of these people i am happy as they are.

i keep photographing richness, peace, and happiness by treating mediocre every day.
my project is still going on.